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December 31, 1999

1. McMickle says he would vote for gay and lesbian civil rights law
2. Dayton ordinance falls to referendum threat
3. Ohio anti-marriage bill to be introduced in January
4. Pentagon issues ‘don’t ask’ instructions, again
5. Pitcher apologizes for remarks against gays, immigrants

December 24 , 1999

1. Vermont high court rules in favor of gay couples
2. Mayor blocks Dayton civil rights measure
3. Partner ordinance faces opposition
4. HRC head tells Clinton to get rid of ‘don’t ask’ policy
5. After ‘fag’ remark, man is pushed off train platform

December 17 , 1999

1. No Hawaii same-sex marriage, court says
2. Clinton says ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ doesn’t work
3. Protease inhibitors have changed AIDS, but no one has been cure
4. Ohio Democratic delegation to include gays
5. News Briefs

December 10 , 1999

1. Lakewood to have final vote on partner law
2. Council to vote on Dayton civil rights ordinance
3. 1986-95: AIDS forces the comminuty to a new level of activism
4. Grid Radio station awaits outcome of FCC trial

December 3 1999

1. Pride parade returns to the Queen City
2. Bush: Meeting Log Cabin ‘creates a huge nightmare’
3. Transgender activist murdered in crime spree
4. In twenty years, the face of AIDS has changed

November 26, 1999

1. Pastor defrocked for same-sex holy union rite
2. Cruising man assaulted in supermarket parking lot
3. Pennsylvania bans university same-sex benefits
4. CATF spearheads World AIDS Day observation
5. Quentin Crisp, writer and ‘mother superior,’ dies at 90

November 19, 1999
1. Kentucky lawmakers move to block local rights laws
2. Ashland University opposes gay support group
3. Youth group holds memorial for Chareka Keys
4. OSU president meets with GLBT student groups

November 12, 1999
1. Hearings open on adding gays to Ohio hate [crime] law
2. Williams admits killing couple; says he ‘obeyed God’s law’
3. McKinney avoids death penalty, gets two life sentences
4. Gay fraternity may soon start Kent State chapter
5. Ammiano may become [the] first gay big-city mayor

November 5, 1999
1. Jury convicts McKinney in the Matthew Shepard murder
2. Gay and gay-friendly candidates fared well
3. Schools HIV prevention programs are under fire

October 29 , 1999
1. Falwell apologizes to gays and lesbians
2. UFMCC leader vows city boycott over Issue 3
3. Bush’s position on gays is called into question
4. Anti-violence reception promotes national dialogue

October 22 , 1999
1. France legalizes same-sex unions
2. Protests grow as White and Falwell plan joint event
3. Lakewood candidates speak on LGBT issues
4. Drag king conference celebrates collaboration, performance


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