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December 29, 2000

1. Bush nominates homophobe to head enforcement of civil rights

2. Tis the season

3. Focus on the Family employee convicted

4. News Briefs

December 22, 2000

1. Murderer to claim Warren was sexual predator

2. LGBT community looks to Bush transition for a glimpse of the next four years

3. A gay movement or a gay market?

4. News Briefs

December 15, 2000

1. Bill introduced to monitor hate crime violence

2. Anti-gay amendment could cost Cincinnati 2012 Olympic bid

3. TG Sex discrimination claim headed to federal court

4. News Briefs

December 8, 2000

1. �Get rid of our secrets,� HIV conference is told

2. Lakewood passes hate crime amendment

3. Three groups withdraw from AIDS Day gospel fest

4. Dignity Cleveland closes

5. German upper house takes tax equality out of partner bill

6. Clinton marks World AIDS Day with visit to clinic

7. Study: Students don�t like gays, but support gay issues

8. New York and Los Angeles cut ties with Boy Scouts

9. News Briefs

December 1, 2000

1. Committee passes Lakewood hate crime bill

2. TG girl, 6, may eventually be returned to parent

3. OAC moves retreat after camp cancels to avoid gays

4. Men are the focus of worldwide AIDS Day observances

5. National church group backs out of marriage statement

6. News Briefs

November 24, 2000

1. ACLU to file suit against Nebraska�s marriage ban

2. Head of church council takes name off marriage paper

3. NGLTF wraps up its 13th annual conference

4. Three children are taken from gay Cambridge man

5. Judge throws out suit against Vermont civil unions

6. Britain to remove anti-gay laws in Caribbean islands

7. Arizona lawmaker appeals Army move to dismiss him

8. Don�t panic, but Kaposi�s is transmitted by kissing

9. Lack of jurors delays trial for J.R. Warren�s murder

November 17, 2000

1. German parliament passes partner bill

2. Three arrested in shooting at Akron club�s parking lot

3. 104 arrested at Soulforce protest of Catholic bishops� meeting

4. Nation�s first gay veterans memorial is dedicated

5. Pennsylvania court voids second-parent adoptions

6. Court upholds $220,000 verdict for harassed girl

November 10, 2000

1. Changes in Congress seen as positive

2. Lakewood takes first step on hate crime measure

3. Both Ohio gay candidates are defeated

4. Dirty pool election ads backfire in two races

5. Voters hand gays defeat in three of four ballot measures

6. Vermont governor wins

7. Candidates see many wins and losses in state races

8. News Briefs

November 3, 2000

1. United Way will keep funding Boy Scouts in Ohio

2. Lakewood may add lesbians and gays to hate crime ordinance

3. Gay man seeks U.S. House seat in north central Ohio

4. Future family and rights cases hang on state high court races

5. America Online head gives millions to anti-gay church school

6. Bush backers put Gore with Phelps, run ads for Nader

October 27, 2000

1. Dayton voters could elect Ohio�s first gay legislator

2. Voters in 5 states to decide on gay and lesbian issues

3. Two Cleveland area AIDS agencies to merge

4. Stonewall Democrats endorse in Columbus races

5. Stonewall Akron rates candidates in four counties

6. Log Cabin gives nod to Cleveland area candidates

7. Cincinnati political group makes endorsements

8. Bar association evalauates judicial candidates

9. HIV coalition rates Cleveland area candidates

10. Human Rights Campaign endorses six in  Ohio

11. Club [is] too new to make endorsements

12. New web site is a center of voting information

October 13, 2000

1. Hate crime measure is stripped from defense bill

2. A new Ohio hate crime bill may be introduced this year

3. GOP conservatives are upset with Cheney�s answer on marriage

4. Casino gambling, Stoney Awards highlight Night Out

5. A quarter century of service

6. Supreme Court allows �de facto parent� ruling to stand

7. Student held in Gallaudet slaying is released

8. Lesbian pioneer Ruth Ellis dies at age 101

9. News Briefs

October 6, 2000

1. Bar reopens, ten days after shooting spree

2. Under starry skies, one more ride on a roller coaster

3. 22 candidates pitch their case to Akron gay and lesbian voters

4. Student is killed in dorm, another student is charged

5. Army denies mom�s claim in death of beaten soldier

6. Interview with Keith Boykin

7. GOP is stalling hate crime bill, Clinton tells gay fundraiser

September 29, 2000

1.Virginia gay bar is sprayed with bullets

2. Head of �ex-gay� group Exodus is caught in a gay bar

3. Party twice: Two cities� Prides won�t be on the same day next year

4. Gay and lesbian voters are key to Ohio, says Hochberg

5. Study: Australian military is not changed by allowing gays

6. No end near for transgender child�s stay in foster home

7. Over 20 candidates will be at Stonewall Akron forum

8. Rhode Island high court gives nod to �de facto� parents

9. News Briefs

September 22, 2000

1. Akron considers adding gays, TGs to rights law

2. Texas women exchange vows in nation�s first legal same-sex marriage

3. Army panel says Ariz. Rep. Steve May should be discharged

4. AIDS walk and NOCI picnic wrap up the summer

5. TG girl�s parents separate; family attorneys withdraw

6. Officer says he was demoted for being transgendered

7. Anti-gay group accuses Michigan festival of �child abuse�

8. 2,000 enjoy twelfth annual Ohio Lesbian Festival

9. Hate crime bill advances in House

10. HRC backs gay Senate candidate, and his opponent

September 15, 2000

1. Full marriage rights passed in Netherlands

2. Chili, cupcakes and music make outdoor benefit a hit

3. Schlessinger show debuts amid national protests

4. Bill would allow police to see HIV test results at will

5. Custody order switch keeps TG child from parents

6. Both sides on civil unions win in Vermont primaries

7. Groups in three cities kick off get-out-the-vote drives

8. Election 2000 web sites

September 8, 2000

1. Parents seek to void order taking TG girl away

2. For the first time, Pride at Work carries a banner in city�s Labor Day parade

3. Boy Scouts can use federal parks and bases, Reno says

4. Hate crime bill gets a boost from House committee head

5. Beer, liquor stolen in two break-ins at the Interbelt

6. Man retracts police abuse claim, pleads guilty

7. Orange County schools drop their ban on gay clubs

8. News Briefs

September 1, 2000

1. TG child taken from parents

2. Texas ruling will give two women a marriage license

3. Tri-County AIDS Walk tops records

4. �Laura� protest set for the eve of her TV show�s debut

5. Pair pleads innocent in J.R. Warren killing

6. Washington to host the first lesbian cancer conference

7. News Briefs

August 18, 2000

1. Dems give gays what they want HRC's Birch addresses convention

2. Five Ohio delegates join Dem lesbian-gay caucus

3. Police seek hotline caller on  Interbelt slaying

4. Second teen to be tried as adult in J.R. Warren killing

5. Anti-gay inititatives fail in four Michigan cities

6. Justice Dept. joins defense of Louisville rights law

7. Parents attempt to beat teen straight with a pipe

August 11, 2000

1. Look harder at hate in man�s death, activists say
Warren may not have been killed because he was gay, but because his killers thought that he would make people see them as gay

2. Gore�s VP pick Lieberman has a mixed record on gay issues

3. Court ends case without ruling if religion trumps rights laws

4. Group asks board to remove gay example from handbook

5. Gay Pride celebrated African American style

6. GOP seems to reach out to gays at its convention

7. Log Cabin Republicans endorse Bush-Cheney ticket

August 4, 2000

1. Acceptance comes slowly at GOP convention

2. Democrats include gays in platform

3. Second gay men�s health summit focuses on �how-to�

4. Rainbow is too gay for the University of Hawaii

July 28, 2000

1.Pentagon report may change "don�t ask, don�t tell" policy

2. Lesbian and gay choruses find the way to San Jose

3. Weddings, unions notices all the same

4. Roseto Club owner dies

5. News Briefs

July 21, 2000

1. Warren may have been killed to silence him

2. A damp Dancin� in the Streets still draws �em in

3. No officers to blame for Winchell�s murder, report says

4. News Briefs

July 14, 2000

1. Man beaten, run over in West Virginia murder

2. Louisiana high court upholds law banning oral sex

3. World Pride ends with march past Colosseum

4. Bashing season is in full swing, center warns

5. With governor�s prodding, Baptist Homes accepts contract

6. News Briefs

July 7, 2000

1. First civil union couples are joined as Vermont law takes effect

2. Israeli military not affected by open policy, study says

3. World Pride opens in Rome

4. Agency drops state contract rather than hire gays

5. Soulforce protests Episcopal convention; 74 arrested

6. High court decision may be hollow victory for Boy Scouts

June 30, 2000

1. Rain doesn�t dampen enthusiasm at Cleveland Pride

2. Hot, sunny day lifts spirits at Columbus Pride

3. Supreme Court okays Boy Scout gay ban

4. Brain study shows physical basis for TGs �right� sex

5. 83 protesters arrested at Presbyterian convention

6. HIV+ man spitting on cop is still �deadly weapon assault�

7. Federal SBA partners with local lesbian-gay centers

8. News Briefs

June 23, 2000

1. Activists give away P&G; products as Phelps pickets

2. Church offers scholarships to LGBT seminarians

3. Senate passes hate crime measure; House nod unlikely

4. 28 arrested as Southern Baptists ban women pastors

5. African-American authors have Pride Day panel discussion

6. First lesbian Episcopal dean installed at Trinity

7. White House liason to speak at Cleveland Pride

8. Lesbians and gays added to federal health report

June 16, 2000

1. Marchers return city�s Pride after five years

2. 400 dance under the stars at Boyer fundraiser

3. Union study resulted in carmaker partner benefits

4. Reach the �middle minds of America,� Shepard tells HRC dinner

5. School board changes handbook, but not bias rule

6. Dance celebrates a high school ritual, without the stares

7. Court�s grandparent ruling is good for same-sex parents

8. News Briefs

June 9, 2000

1. Dinner dance aboard Boyer lake freighter set for June 10

2. There�s no denying the Pride in Cincinnati

3. New drop-in group co-hosts Ashtabula Pride picnic

4. �Pride, Diversity, Unity� to be celebrated in Dayton

5. CeCe Peniston, Kathy Sledge featured in Pride festival

6. From art to drag softball, Pride has a weekend of fun

7. New boat, new food make a whole new Ohio River cruise

8. Four groups join to produce Black Unity Pride weekend

9. Culture Club to kick off Out in Akron this October

June 2, 2000

1. Man dies after shooting outside Akron bar

2. Under Vatican pressure, Rome backs out of World Pride

3. Nun refuses to comply with Vatican order of silence

4. Gay men make less than heterosexuals, study finds

5. Drag Races to highlight AVOC benefit Pridefest

6. Presbyterian high court okays holy union ceremonies

7. News Briefs

May 26, 2000

1. Parents sue Maumee schools for son�s harassment
2. Center welcomes visitors to their new location
3. Center had five stops on the way to Gordon Square
4. Slain soldier�s mom sues Army under �friendly fire� act
5. Presbyterian court to decide if churches must follow ban
6. Pentagon demands tuition from gays who left service
7. Psychiatrists cancel debate on �ex-gays�
8. News Briefs

May 19, 2000

1. Amid arrests, Methodists vote 2 to 1 to keep their stands against gays
2. Soulforce founder declares that Methodist church �has become evil at its core�
3. Central Ohio AIDS Walk funds up 12 percent
4. Two cities� P-FLAG chapters honored at HRC dinner
5. Clinton, drug firms move to help in African AIDS epidemic

May 12, 2000

1. Panel says Methodist gay position should not change
2. FBI looking for funds missing from Millennium Festival
3. 191 arrested in protest of Methodist gay policy
4. CATF director resigns, will head Alzheimer�s agency

May 5, 2000

1. Hundreds of thousands fill Washington for the Millennium March
2. Methodists conference opens, decisions on lesbian-gay issues may cause church to split
3. Mel White: �I was a victim of biblical abuse�
4. Supreme Court to rule if Scouts must obey rights laws
5. News Briefs

April 28, 2000

1. Methodists may split over gays
2. Vermont to get civil unions in July
3. HIV prevention money falls to �abstinence only� sex ed
4. Marchers to fill Washington this weekend
5. Mississippi bans adoptions by same sex couples
6. News Brief

April 21, 2000

1. Vermont Senate gives final approval to civil union bill
2.Ohio DOMA likely to die in committee, lobbyists say
3. Lesbian and gay immigrants face unique hurdles
4. Church�s early Easter to be seen on national TV
5. Bush meets with gay and lesbian Republicans
6. News Briefs

April 14, 2000

1. Dayton mayor saves referendum on GLBT civil rights for later, commissioner says
2. Hate crime levels off, but increase in violence found
3. National domestic partner bill passes Canadian House
4. Maine legislature sends new rights law to voters
5. Bush to meet with gay Republicans, but not Log Cabin
6. Partner is �psychological parent� to child, court rules
7. New Zealand mulls property rights for same-sex couples
8. News Briefs

April 7, 2000

1. Dayton mayor tries to put rights limit into tax vote
2. Reform rabbis make same-sex unions kosher
3. Attorney general backs an unwritten hate crime bill
4. Fingers may point to hormonal lesbian and gay influence in womb, study finds
5. Germany to acknowledge Nazi persecution of gay

March 31, 2000

1. Pentagon report finds widespread harassment in the military
2. Supreme Court: Student fees are constitutional
3. And the winner is: The AIDS Taskforce of Cleveland
4. Stepfather killed his son for being gay, police believe
5. Weve come a long way
6. Vermont Senate panel mulls anti-marriage amendment
7. Mississippi gets closer to adoption ban
8. News Briefs

March 24, 2000

1. Vermont House okays �civil unions� bill
2. Woman fined for burning rainbow flag
3. Gay and lesbian candidates fared well in March primaries
4. 500 picket Paramount for backing Schlessinger TV show
5. Celeste says he will stand up for gays and lesbians
6. News Briefs

March 17, 2000

1. Service harassment has doubled for a second year
2. Are we being counted?
3. Both sides say marriage campaign energized them
4. Blood, spit get HIV+ man charged with assault on cops
5.West Virginia becomes 33rd state to pass marriage ban
6. News Briefs

March 10, 2000

1. California voters pass marriage ban
2. Vermont committees approve �civil union� bill
3. Man in car chase says he mistook police for gaybashers
4. Bush won�t commit to meet, but Log Cabin is hopeful
5. Activist paints grim picture of Zimbawean gay life
6. Deejay attacked after performance in Kent
7. News Briefs

March 3, 2000

1. What march?
2. Grid Radio goes silent
3. New �Dr. Laura� TV show ignites protests
4. California marriage ban is likely to pass, poll say

February 25, 2000

1. Two gay candidates seek Ohio offices
2. Street preacher guilty of tearing down rainbow flag
3. 14-year-old charged in assault of musician
4. High-speed chase leads to arrest of credit card thief
5. News Briefs

February 18, 2000

1. Vermont lawmakers opt for partners, not marriage
2. Canada considers couples law
3. HRC gives its nod to Al Gore for president
4. Presidential candidates take stands on GLBT issues
5. Governor won�t need to testify in flag-burning case
6. Kentucky considers bills to limit, nullify or expand rights
7. Bill would allow same-sex partners to immigrate to U.S.

February 11, 2000

1. Dayton civil rights ordinance may return
2. Pentagon requires training for all on �don�t ask, don�t tell
3. Beware of credit card thief, police warn clubgoers
4. Governor, candidates take sides on California marriage ban
5. Patrons raise green by painting the town red
6. News Briefs

February 4, 2000

1. Fatal shooting appears to be anti-gay hate crime
2. Hearing on Ohio hate crime bill resembles a tent revival
3. After 5 years in prison for spitting, HIV-positive man is released
4. First trial in Pride Day flag-burning results in guilty verdict
5. Grid Radio might not get a license under new FCC rules
6. News Briefs

January 28, 2000

1. 1,500 brave blizzard to tell Vermont lawmakers about same-sex marriage
2. Over 6,000 French couples say �I do� under new law
3. Details are crystallizing for April�s March on Washington
4. Atlanta and Boulder may ban TG job discrimination
5. Harvey Milk�s camera store may become a landmark
6. Letter reveals how Wilde�s lover escaped prosecution

January 21, 2000

1. Lakewood council kills partner bill
2. Activists fire opening salvo against Ohio marriage ban
3. U.K. drops military gay ban
4. Lesbian-gay centers could receive federal funding
5. Supreme Court to review New Jersey Scout ruling
6. Six months later, deletion of lesbians and gays causes media flap
7. News Briefs

January 14 , 2000

1. Lakewood council to vote on partner ordinance
2. Fisher gets 12� years for his role in Winchell murder
3. �Don�t ask� becomes an issue in primary campaign
4. News Briefs

January 7 , 2000

1. Backers gather sponsors for Ohio anti marriage bill
2. Diversity campaign will include lesbians and gays this year
3. Vermont lawmakers gird for couples debate
4. Bush advisor quits over his refusal to meet with Log Cabin
5. News Briefs


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