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April 22, 2011

Lorain County has a new LGBT support and social group

Elyria--For the first time in 13 years, Lorain County has a central location for LGBT support meetings and referrals.

Camp Pride Life, which started in 2007 to provide clothes, appliances and household wares to those in need, announced the expansion of their programs to include support and social meetings, and referrals to LGBT-supportive services.

The organization held an April 1 open house at their new office space at 820 Taylor Street in Elyria, and will begin holding meetings this month.

“We’re beginning the Coming Out group next Tuesday, April 26 at 6 pm,” said Kate Miller, the co-director of Camp Pride Life. “It will run for an hour and will meet biweekly on Tuesdays.”

“We have a senior LGBT group beginning in late May, and also a Young Adult Discussion group beginning around the same time,” she noted.

“The topics of the meetings will be constructed around the needs of the members,” she said. “At this point, we are unsure of exactly what the community needs from us, so we’re starting with these, but they may change and other groups will be added.”

“We encourage anyone from the community, whether LGBT or not, to join us in an effort for a better future,” said co-director Jen Kevicki. “We have helped people with furniture for three years, and will continue that mission, but that is not the sole purpose of our organization.”

“We want to help promote equality and help people move toward growth in any way we can,” she concluded.

The organization also plans to produce workshops and create social events for the LGBT and allied community in Lorain County, which has seen a dearth of community services since 1998.

That was the year that the Ohio Human Interest Organization closed. OHIO was opened in 1985, but its community center was shuttered after an interim treasurer was accused of embezzling $17,000 from the group.

More information about Camp Pride Life is available by calling 440-7211582 or by email at




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