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September 24, 2010

Camping makes Ohio Lesbian Festival a weekend event

Pataskala, Ohio--Around 600 women descended on Frontier Ranch over the weekend of September 10, enjoying three days of festivities for the 21st annual Ohio Lesbian Festival.

Last year, camping was added on Saturday night. This year, that was extended to Friday night, turning the event into a full weekend, replete with music, spoken word, comedy, classes and crafts.

Performers ran the gamut from Cleveland comedian Karen Williams to New York City�s Bitch.

Other performers included BeJae Fleming and Jackie Blount, The State Of, Lvnmuziq, Nervous But Excited, icons like Alix Dobkin and Tret Fure and scores more.

Workshops at Lesbian University covered topics from Belly Dance Basics to Healing with Humor, and from Wahru�s Drumming Circle to a seminar on today�s real estate market. There was also a Fast Forward Dating workshop, providing a fun, pressure-free way for singles to meet. There were dozens more workshops throughout the weekend as well.

Longtime organizer Chris Cozad, the chair of the festival, was pleased with the outcome of the weekend.

�Last year we added camping on Saturday night, this year we expanded it to Friday and Saturday nights, and women liked it,� she said. �It changed the event from a one-day party to a weekend event.�

While this year�s attendance was on par with the previous few years, it is a far cry from the festival�s heyday, when �we would have 2,800, maybe 3,000 women there, but I think attendance is down across the board. I think it�s a lot of factors, but I think it�s still really important to provide women�s space and women�s community, and there are precious few out there to provide it.�

Cozad does not believe there will be too many changes in next year�s festival, which will take place September 9-11, 2011.

�I think what we�re focusing on right now is refining what we�ve done,� she mused. �We feel like we�ve got a really good mix with camping, and we added movies on Friday night and a bonfire, so I think it made Friday night really good for women who want to come out.�

�There�s always a learning curve when you add a new dimension to an event,� she continued.

�I think people can look to hear from us throughout the year,� she noted. �We have some catch-up to play for this year, and we�re going to be out and about and give people a chance to support the concept even if they don�t go to the festival, and help us make another.�

One of the things the Ohio Lesbian Festival needs most, however, is an influx of energetic people with ideas.

�Give us your feedback, get involved, go to the website which is new and improved, fabulous,� she said. �There are ways to get a hold of us. It�s at���������� |


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