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June 20, 2008

Cleveland--In the days leading up to the Cleveland Pride Parade and Festival on Saturday, organizers wrapped up last-minute details, signed late sponsors and vendors, announced grand marshals and drank martinis while having manicures.

Martinis? Manicures? Is that very professional? It was, at the June 14 Martini and a Manicure fundraiser for Pride, organized by Triad Event Management and presented by the North Coast Athletic Volleyball league.

About 150 people turned out for the event, held in the sidewalk café area in front of the Salon on Clifton, said Triad partner Doug Anderson. Of those, over 40 availed themselves of the spa’s services for their nails.

To the west was the bar, with a variety of martinis, wines and beer, served up by handsome young men like Alexander White and Jeffrey Curtin.

“I was really pleased,” said Anderson. “I think it looked awesome. I think [people] were blown away by the clear lines.”

Tablecloths and some other accents were a muted lime-green, giving the event what some patrons referred to as a “South Beach” feel.

The event started in blazing sunlight, and organizers “didn’t get out of there until a quarter to one,” Anderson noted.

He was especially pleased with the number of people from outside of the LGBT community who came to support Pride, as well as the presence of one of the evening’s honorees, Pride coordinator Brynna Fish.

Fish was just named the grand marshal of the Pride parade, although she prefers the term “grand dame.”

“I don’t feel like a marshal,” Fish mused.

Regardless of how she feels, marshal is a more European term for the role she has filled over the last 15 years, which is more akin to general.

In addition to a decade and a half as Pride coordinator, Fish has worked the stage crew of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival for 23 years, is a founding member of Cleveland’s LGBT Jewish congregation, Chevrei Tikva, and has worked on the Women’s Variety Show. She has put on shows through her Bluefish Productions, is coordinating the Cleveland Keshet conference this summer and helped found the Jewish Community Federation’s LGBT Task Force, all an extension of her 30-year history in social work.

On Sunday, June 22, there will be a roast saluting Fish, beginning 6 pm at the Nickel bar, 4365 State Road in Cleveland.


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