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Evenings Out in Northern Ohio

Evenings Out in Ohio

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June 9, 2006

Screw you

Electro-punk band’s lead singer is anything but pee-shy

Mindless Self Indulgence is not the typical rock band. They don’t really like their fans. For that matter, they don’t really like their own music.

They are a band whose collective tongue is firmly planted in its collective cheek, with its collective middle finger flying high in the air.

Their most recent album, You’ll Rebel to Anything, is a prime example of their craft—their devil-may-care, screw-you-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on craft. And just to put the fear of lead singer Little Jimmy Urine into the masses, they are swinging through Ohio on their latest tour, with stops in Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Little Jimmy Urine, born and raised James Ueringer, fronts the iconoclastic, co-ed quartet, composed of Steve, Righ? (yes, that’s his stage name), Kitty and Lyn Z. Describing their music as “industrial jungle pussy punk,” an actual description is perhaps a trickier creature.

While there are touches of Marilyn Manson, it’s doubtful that even he would attempt a cover of a Rush song (“Tom Sawyer,” a surprisingly solid track).

There are similarities to Korn, but with lyrics like, “Two hookers and an eightball/can you believe that I write this shit/two hookers and an eightball/stupid people think I am cool,” they take themselves far less seriously.

Their basic goal is to blow their audiences’ minds, plain and simple.

“I want people to walk away with the feeling of, ‘What the fuck just happened?’ when they go back to their cubicles,” Urine told the Gay People’s Chronicle.

The rampantly queer singer bears only one grudge from school: Despite rumors to the contrary, he wasn’t teased much, and he wants to know why.

“I was actually ignored a lot in school,” he said. “I was more like, ‘Hey, you didn’t tease me about this,’ and ‘You missed this one,’ and ‘Why would you skip this, it’s so obvious? Are you stupid?’ ”

Urine, in addition to being a very strange guy, is also a very open one. While Brian Molko simply told interviewers that the men who he was attracted to usually weren’t attracted to him, Little Jimmy Urine is quite happy to spell out what floats his boat.

“I like whatever is clever . . . my dick is a divining rod,” he said. “If my dick gets hard, you’re in luck . . . or in bad luck, however the case may be.”

“But as for boys specifically, I like boys who look very pretty and androgynous,” he continues. “Basically I would so fuck Macauley Culkin . . . and then he would so fire his agent.”

Urine’s openness leads him to dismiss other performers who are more reticent about their sexuality, something he doesn’t have time for. The one thing he won’t reveal, however, is where the band came up with the name.

“Funny you should ask that, ’cause I got a running contest in my head,” he noted. “If anyone can guess where I got it from, I will suck your girlfriend’s sister’s cousin’s dick.”

“I met one kid who knew but he walked away before I could suck anything,” Jimmy lamented. “His loss--or was it mine?”

While readers of this newspaper normally don’t need to worry about such things, there was a disclaimer inside the cover of their album Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy that read:

Warning! You must listen to this album with your tongue planted firmly in your cheek. If you don't have a sense of irony, or you are a piece of shit bigot, or a fundamentalist anything, return this album immediately, don't come to our shows, don't wear our T-shirts. Fuck off. If you're a parent who neglects, beats, or doesn't show your child love, know that we don't condone violence so don't waste our time in court while you try to explain to a jury how our music made your ‘happy & normal’ child into a deranged lunatic. Thank You.”

Mindless Self Indulgence is playing Cleveland on June 16 at the Agora,, with Kill Hannah and ProCon.

On June 19, they will be at Bogarts in Cincinnati,, with Kill Hannah.

Tickets for both shows are available through Ticketmaster at Tickets are available at


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