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December 26, 2014

1.Bye, Bounce

2. Has the Salvation Army been saved?

3. Marriage to start in Florida

4.News Briefs: Chinese court rules against conversion therapy clinic

5. Evenings Out LGBT athletes making an impact, on and off the field

December 12, 2014

1.Marriage comes to more of the heartland and Finland

2. Olympic protections to cover sexual orientation

3. LGBT rights: Good for the economy

4.Administration unveils pro-LGBT guidance

5.News Briefs
MLB umpire: Im out!

6. Evenings Out LGBT athletes making an impact, on and off the field

November 28, 2014

1.City expands first half of transgender protections

2. Remember me as a revolutionary communist

3. News Briefs Bakers dozen Ohio companies earn perfect scores

4.What if youre wrong about PrEP?

5.AIDS United calls for scaling up use of PrEP

6. After the Sixth Circuit, Supreme Court approaches a threshold

7.Evenings Out A belated trick or treat

November 14, 2014

1.Cleveland eyes closing loopholes

2. Statewide offices stay in LGBT opponents hands, but many LGBT candidates won

3. Transgender activist brutally attacked

4.Six Circuit reverses flow of history

5.News Briefs Apple computers make you gay

6.Evenings Out A belated trick or treat

October 31, 2014

1.Ohio hospitals rank highly for LGBT equality

2. Bishops say, Gay? No way!

3. Marriage faces setbacks in new battles

4.Utah couples can adopt

5.LGBT history month Uncovering the alleged LGBT connections in the JFK assassination

October 17, 2014

1.Supreme Court rejects marriage cases

2. Vatican signals more acceptance for gays maybe

3. News Briefs Major organization expands its name

4.Pride Institute paved way for LGBT substance-abuse treatment

October 3, 2014

1.No word from Supreme Court on marriage cases

2. Feds file suit for anti-transgender workplace bias

3. Cleveland LGBT Center gets windfall for new building

4.A swimmers perspective on Gay Games 9

5.Three suspects in homophobic attack surrender to police

6.Double date with Walt Whitman

September 19, 2014

1.Conversion therapy ban upheld

2. Supreme Court to consider taking up marriage

3. Ban lifted on LGBT entrants to St. Patricks Day Parade

4.News Briefs Gambia passes anti-gay law

5.Evenings Out Does a bear poop in the woods?

September 5, 2014

1.Toledo Pride marks fifth anniversary with record attendance

2. Movement in marriage suits tops the news again

3. Michael Sam released by Rams

4.Financial inequality plagues LGBT community

5.News Briefs Larry Kramer gets an Emmy

6.Evenings Out Need a lift?

August 22, 2014

1.Cleveland-Akron shine at Gay Games 9

2. Sixth Circuit hears marriage arguments

3. New study released to bolster anti-gay arguments

4.News Briefs WNBA stars to get hitched

5.Evenings Out Miles of flesh with no road map

August 8, 2014

1.Let the Games begin!

2. Court strikes Uganda anti-gay law

3. Good and bad news for LGBT immigrants

4.Seattle arsonist given double the sentence

5.News Briefs: Fourth judge rules against Florida marriage ban

6.Evenings Out Miles of flesh with no road map

July 25, 2014

1.Obama signs executive order against discrimination

2. 10th circuit makes a second ruling in favor of marraige

3. Air disaster costs 100 AIDS activists

4.Marriage rights began before marriage law, court rules

5.Al Qaeda, druids and princesses, oh my!

July 11, 2014

1.Groups pull ENDA support over religious exemption

2. NY govs goal: End AIDS epidemic by 2020

3. Appeals court strikes Utah marriage ban

4.Evenings Out Where Christ abides

5.News Briefs Police arrest suspect in murder of trans woman

June 27, 2014

1.Groups pull ENDA support over religious exemption

2. NY govs goal: End AIDS epidemic by 2020

3. Appeals court strikes Utah marriage ban

4.Evenings Out Where Christ abides

5.News Briefs Police arrest suspect in murder of trans woman

June 13, 2014

1.Cleveland Pride wraps up June with dancing and shows

2. Columbus Pride has two days of fun in Goodale Park

3. Wisconsin makes it 20 states with marriage equality

4.Police make arrest in killing of transgender woman

5.Evenings Out Death and life in small-town America

May 30, 2014

1.Joyous couples wed in Pennsylvania and Oregon

2. CDC recommends daily anti-viral for people at risk for HIV

3. Judges strike marriage bans in Arkansas and Idaho

4.Harvey Milk stamp debuts in White House ceremony

5. Hagel says TG military ban should be reviewed

6.News Briefs 1960s efforts to purge gays are revealed in federal papers

7.Evenings Out Death and life in small-town America

May 16, 2014

1.Teacher contract bars gay sex or marriage

2. In a third Ohio marriage suit, couples seek to wed here

3. Kurt wins primary, moves on to November with Antonio and Brown

4.Ohio must give TG inmate hormones, judge orders

5. News Briefs Michael Sam is first out player drafted by an NFL team

6.Evenings Out Brush up on your Yiddish

May 2, 2014

1.Equality Ohio seeks to join marriage case

2. Swimming pool and speed dating enhance CLAW 14

3. Marriage ban violates religious freedom, says UCC suit

4.Three Toledo bars close as two new ones open

5. News Briefs New Ohio marriage petition gets green light

6.Evenings Out A present worth unwrapping

April 18, 2014

1.Judge strikes ban on marriage recognition

2. Freedom Ohio revises their marriage equality petition

3. Gay man and anti-gay activist seek GOP nomination for District 9

4.Mississippi passes religious freedom law

5. Appeals judges seem split while hearing Utah case

6.News Briefs Cabbies who refuse Gay Games ads will be replaced

7.Evenings Out Even peacocks poop

April 4,2014

1.Maple Heights passes two equality measures

2. 300 couples marry after Michigan judge strikes ban

3. Maryland adds gender identity to equality law

4.Biden calls failure to pass ENDA outrageous

5. News Briefs U.S. cuts aid to Uganda over anti-gay law

6.Evenings Out Retrograde in Petrograd

March 21, 2014

1.Panel looks at adding LGBT to hate crime law

2. Leather Stallion is sold; new owner to keep bar as is

3. Four marriage suits are filed in Indiana

4.Health insurers must include gay families, says HHS

5. U.S. cuts some aid to Uganda after anti-gay law passes

6.ENews Briefs End ban on TG people in the military, says panel

7. Evenings Out 33 LGBT stories from 33 comics creators

March 7, 2014

1.Sponsors withdraw Ohio religious freedom bill

2. Couple sues for family policy under Affordable Care Act

3. Uganda president signs law to imprison gays

4.Kentucky must recognize marriages, judge rules

5. News Briefs Support for marriage equality reaches 50% in Ohio

6. Evenings Out A whopping 25 features in this years 10% Cinema

February 21, 2014

1.Equality Ohio coalition wont back Freedom Ohios marriage amendment

2. Couples sue state to have both parents on birth papers

3. Twist owner and community activist John Katsaros has died

4.Possible future NFL player Michael Sam comes out

5. Judges in Kentucky and Virginia strike marriage bans

6. Two out athletes win medals in Winter Olympics

7. Indiana ban amendment has been put off until 2016

8. Two Ohioans join lawmakers with NoH8 photos

9. News Briefs Justice Department to recognize marriage in all states

10. Evenings Out Love, at once fleeting and permanent

February 7, 2014

1. 212,000 Ohioans could be fired for being LGBT

2. Kent man arrested in hook-up killing of Alliance man

3. HRC joins Gay Games as platinum sponsor

4.Indiana House delays ban amendment until 2016

5. News Briefs Police arrest man in Seattle gay bar arson

6. Evenings Out A fascinating and true story

January 24, 2014

1.Dozens arrested under Nigerian anti-gay law

2. Sandusky school fires music teacher for getting engaged

3. Judge rules against Oklahomas marriage ban

4.DeWine appeals ruling that Ohio must note marriage

5. Putin: Gays will be OK as long as they leave kids alone

6. News Briefs Ugandan president puts anti-gay bill on hold

7. Evenings Out Love and loneliness on the page

January 10, 2014

1.Supreme Court halts Utah weddings

2. AIDS Taskforce moves to a new home, back on Euclid Ave.

3. Ohio must recognize marriages, judge rules

4.News Briefs Seattle bar set on fire during New Years Eve party

5. Evenings Out One-woman show brings two sides of a coin

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