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December 30, 2011

1.U.N. lists LGBT rights abuses for the first time

2. Maple Heights councilor joins list of out Ohio elected officials

3. Michigan law bans local domestic partner benefits

4.Counseling student cant push beliefs on gay clients, court rules

5.News Briefs: John G. Lawrence dies at 68; case ended sodomy laws

6. Evenings Out: What happens when Dad dies?

December 16, 2011

1.Student gets 90 days for attack on gay classmate

2. Browns linebacker Scott Fujita makes pro-marriage video

3. Holiday with Heart brings in $10K for two Toledo causes

4.Council delays partner benefit vote till March

5.County pays $100,000 to woman in job bias case

6.U.S. takes major stand for worldwide LGBT rights

7.News Briefs: Six Ohio firms hit 100 on harder HRC equality list

8. Evenings Out: Restoring an icon to its community

December 02, 2011

1.Cuyahoga domestic partner benefits advance to full council

2. Vigil, City Hall ceremony mark Transgender Day of Remembrance

3. Church billboards fan anti-gay sentiment

4.News Briefs: Barney Frank wont seek re-election next year

5. Evenings Out: Dreaming of a ginger Jesus

November 18, 2011

1.Seelbach wins Cincinnati council seat

2. Daily life with HIV

3. Senate panel okays DOMA repeal, but its future is dim

4.News Briefs: Judge halts new rules for state AIDS drug program

5. We really do have the means to end the epidemic

6.Treatment as prevention

7. Taskforce still leads the way on HIV and AIDS

8. MSM and the HIV epidemic

9. Evenings Out AIDS in the long view

November 4, 2011

1.Cuyahoga puts off partner benefit vote

2. Tennis event raises $500K for AIDS Taskforce, Elton John charity

3. Video shows Chillicothe teen bashed in classroom

4.Michigan moves to cancel DP benefits, local rights laws

5.News Briefs: Over half of women are attracted to women, study finds

6.LGBT History Month: Abraham Lincoln: A life in the closet?

7. LGBT History Month: Benjamin Franklin: Writer, inventor, statesman, friend to gays

October 21, 2011

1.Nine honored at City Hall heritage event

2. Article 12 conqueror seeks Cincinnati council seat

3. Frank Kameny, a father of the LGBT movement, dies at 86

4.Paula Ettlebrick, who fought many battles, has lost her final one

5.Washington state releases names of anti-gay petition signers

6.LGBT History Month: Friedrich Von Steuben, father of the U.S. military

7. LGBT History Month: Katherine Lee Bates, author of America the Beautiful

8. LGBT History Month: Col. George Middleton, black Revolutionary War hero

9. LGBT History Month: George Washington: The gay-friendly father of our country

October 7, 2011

1.LGBT equality bill is reintroduced in the Statehouse

2. TG women attacked near Clifton and West Blvd.

3. Judge to decide if Wilson can retract his guilty plea

4.Obama promises more progress at HRC dinner

5.NEWS BRIEFS: Pentagon: Weddings will be allowed on military bases

6.Evenings Out: A brief moment

7. LGBT History Month

8. LGBT History Month: James Buchanan: Americas first gay president?

9. LGBT History Month: William Rufus King: Americas first gay vice president?

September 23, 2001

1.Dont ask is gone

2. Council panel hears from public on DP benefits

3. Equality bill is back in Statehouse next week

4.Sunny times for this years Ohio Lesbian Festival

5.NEWS BRIEFS: Britain plans to have full marriage by 2015

6.Evenings Out Bruce LaBruces latest transgression: Reanimation sex

September 9, 2011

1.First Pride parade in a dozen years

2. Rock and politics come together at HRC dinner

3. Joe Solmonese to leave Human Rights Campaign

4.NEWS BRIEFS: Drunk, off-duty officer shoots at TG women

5.Evenings Out Renslow biography is a fitting tribute to a pioneer of leather

August 26 2011

1.County looks at partner benefits for workers

2. Cindy Yu is named centers interim director

3. Wilson pleads guilty in Finegan murder, then retracts it

4.ARC Ohio merges with Ohio AIDS Coalition

5.ICE moves away from deporting same-sex spouses

6.Evenings Out For the love of film, Takashi Miike remakes a samurai classic

August 12, 2011

1.Jan Cline leaves LGBT Center helm

2. Late-afternoon Dancin brings crowds, donations

3. Swimmers break two world records at SynergyFest

4.Ohio has over 28,000 same-sex couples in 2010 Census

5.Gay Games suit is settled; city to pay Synergy $475K

6.Evenings Out Blazing his own trails

July 29, 2011

1.Partners added to Cleveland health plan

2. East Cleveland passes a broad civil rights ordinance

3. Garden Party is a hot, beautiful day

4.Situation is bleak for Ohio LGBT students, report finds

5.Dont ask, dont tell to end on September 20

6.Evenings Out Three two is one amazing book

July 15, 2011

1.Ex-partner has no parent rights, top court rules

2. Court order halts dont ask, dont tell

3. Governor signs Rhode Island civil unions into law

4.New York couples to wed next weekend

5.Evenings Out Le Tigre on tour

July 1, 2011

1.Cleveland Pride grows toward 2014 Games

2. I do: New York passes marriage

3. Columbus Pride honors elders and the young

4.Athens passes partner registry and hate crime law

5.Evenings Out Beam hits a home run with TG coming-of-age story

June 17, 2011

1.3 stages bring a host of performers to Cleveland Pride

2. Columbus Pride marks three decades this weekend

3. The fates shine on the second Akron Pride Picnic

4.Dayton Pride says, Thank you for being a friend

5.Bowling tournament and cruise hits a high point

6.Ohio budget would allow student groups to bar gays

7.Evenings Out This dynamic duo's third release hits the mark

June 3, 2011

1.Tennessee bars all local LGBT equality measures

2. 'You sound gay, says OSU study

3. Final push for marriage begins in New York state

4.Minnesota marriage ban heads to the 2012 ballot

5.Evenings Out This dynamic duo's third release hits the mark

May 20, 2011

1.Two of Ohios top AIDS agencies to merge

2. Lawmakers meet with hundreds of volunteers

3. A new energy

4.Reward in horse barn arson grows to $22,500

5.Presbyterians vote to allow gay and lesbian clergy

6.Evenings Out It gets better with a time machine

May 6, 2011

1.Eight horses are burned to death in anti-gay arson

2. CLAWs weekend of fun and frolic grows into its larger space

3. Bullying is out of fashion

4.Judge: Anti-gay job bias may be unconstitutional

5.Bill would add LGBT students to Ohio anti-bullying law

6.On to the ballot box

7.Evenings Out Warm, mellow thoughts on butch and femme

April 22, 2011

1.CANAPI wont produce Akron Pride festival

2. Lorain County has a new LGBT support and social group

3. Story of bullying, action wins student $50,000

4.Delaware passes civil union bill by wide margin

5.Uruguay set to be 2nd with marriage in South America

5.Evenings Out A quiet, romantic dinner at home, with k. d. lang

April 8, 2011

1.Council looks at city worker partner benefits

2. Sandra Kurt moves to Summit County Council

3. Akron sperm donor must pay child support

4.Study finds 9 million LGBT people live in the U.S.

5.Evenings Out With the spirits of both male and female

March 25, 2011

1.DOMA repeal proposed

2. Cold feet

3. Rittman teen is driven to suicide by anti-gay bullying

4.White House calls for coordinated anti-bullying efforts

5.DOMA petitioners freed soon after Boehner office arrest

6.Evenings Out Perfection incarnate

March 11, 2011

1.Marriage equality hangs tough in Maryland and New Hampshire

2. Boehner says House will defend DOMA if Obama wont

3. Five arrested in DOMA protest at Boehners office

4.Black women are at the nexus of two history months

5.High court ruling for Phelps has a silver lining

6.Evenings Out Six films in the 10% Cinema, and six more to see

February 25, 2011

1.Ohio anti-union bill could harm DP benefits

2. Justice Dept. will stop defending DOMA in court

3. Maryland is likely to pass a full marriage law

4.State high court to decide if Prop. 8 backers can appeal

5.Evenings Out Gregg Araki's Greatest Hits

February 11, 2011

1.New Equality Ohio head is ready for the challenge

2. U.S. is demanding money from DADT-discharged vets

3. Shared parent rights challenged in Ohio top court

4.Worldwide vigils mourn murdered Ugandan leader

5.Evenings Out Beautiful boys doing naughty things, but dont look too hard at the plot

January 28, 2011

1.New Kasich job order covers gays, but not TGs

2. New rules would bar LGBT bias in HUD programs

3. Five states could gain marriage equality this year

4.Ohio University begins gender-neutral housing

5.Evenings Out Something old, something new

January 14, 2011

1.Kasich lets LGBT job bias rule expire

2. Neither out candidate gains a Columbus council seat

3. Gay man credited with saving Rep. Giffords life

4.Appeals panel sends Prop. 8 case to state high court

5.A surprise behind the Navy video scandal

6.Evenings Out A storyteller in the top of her form




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