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December 29, 2006

1. Incoming governor appoints state's first lesbian

2. 2006: The year it came together

3. IMs, Iraq and Rhode Island

4. Outgames will not win the gold medal in finances


December 22, 2006

1. Schools add gays to job policy under fired teacher's settlement

2. Time's 'Best Book' leaves author Bechdel speechless

3. Bully bill with no victims awaits Taft's signature

4. Both sides agree: Mass. court can't force ban vote

5. Experts disagree on how to combat Ohio's ban amendment

6. Metric inverse


December 15, 2006

1. How far does the marriage ban go?

2. Civil union bill sails through New Jersey statehouse

3. Bullying ban set to become law, but it might not work

4. Getting connected

5. Ryan White AIDS funding act renewed for three years

6. What to get him? What to get her?


December 8, 2006

1. State workers to get job protections back

2. What a difference two years made

3. Smile, you're being studied.

4. Maryland justices are quiet as they hear marriage case

5. Mass. governor asks court to force marriage ban

6. With an 'I do,' South Africa begins same-sex marriage

7. 'Outrageous' job harassment case is back in appeal

8. On strike for marriage


December 1, 2006

1. Study fingers anti-gay sentiment as a major factor in HIV's spread among black men

2. Jackson, schools, commissioners honored for HIV education

3. National AIDS summit to be in Cleveland next summer

4. Jeanne White-Ginder helps supporters remember her son Ryan

5. 'Long-term survivor' can now mean growing old with HIV

November 24, 2006

1. Judge dismisses Miami partner benefits suit

2. Vigils honor transgender victims and celebrate survivors

3. Beyond Identities center honored at PACT anniversary

4. 1964 civil rights act still doesn't cover gays, court rule

5. New Congress will consider repealing 'don't ask, don't tell' s

6. Pentagon is rebuked for relabeling gays 'defective'

7. For your viewing pleasure


November 17, 2006

1. South Africa joins the marriage club

2. Massachusetts ban halted

3. New Episcopal bishop supports same-sex couples

4. New Ohio medical rules include sexual orientation

5. Building an LGBT-friendly bank.

6. Honoring those who aren't victims, too.


November 10, 2006

1. At last, a ban fails

2. Three candidates lose, but Statehouse will be friendlier

3. Hustler scandal reveals evangelical leader's self-hate

4. Solmonese thanks Ohio for nation's top election effort

5. AIDS Taskforce elects new president and vice president

6. GE gay bias suit is now in federal court, too

7. Broadway legend Carol Channing shares some startling views about her gay fans


November 3, 2006

1. Partners can control funerals under new law

2. Marriage or civil union?

3. Dann's sex bill still allows cops seizing cruisers' cars

4. Community leaders honored amid candles and greenery

5. Baby makes three


October 27, 2006

1. Civil unions in New Jersey

2. Versailles on the Miami

3. Dayton schools add sexual orientation to non-bias rules

4. FBI report shows anti-gay hate crime down, but is it really?

5. Election endorsements

6. Endorsement summary

7. Big on the small screen

8. Four pioneers

Octopber 20, 2006

1. Candidate raises the specter of NAMBLA in televised debate

2. Gerry Studds, first openly gay man in Congress, dies

3. Sex bill raises worries that cruisers' cars may be seized

4. Sex is America

5. From rare to everywhere

6. Four Pioneers

7. Spamalot


October 13, 2006

1. Walking the walk

2. Pryce says Kilroy ad tying her to Foley is 'gaybaiting'

3. Two for Toledo

4. GOP ad hits Strickland for his vote against a ban amendment

5. A half-century of incredible changes

6. Five pioneers


October 6, 2006

1. Paging Rep. Foley

2. Last-minute move saves Outie Awards

3. U of Cincinnati may add limited partner benefits

4. Artist sues boss who introduced her as lesbian

5. Senators propose partner benefits for federal workers

6. Celebrating a rich and triumphant history

7. Four Pioneers

8. Most people are already on our side


September 28, 2006

1. Date robbers

2. CDC recommends routine HIV test for teens, adults

3. Brinkman ran Cincinnati petition campaign

4. Bowman shares vision of an Ohio above minus-two

5. Brave Sir Robin rides into Ohio


September 22, 2006

1. AIDS walks in two cities see solid support

2. Out at work: Major companies are growing more LGBT-friendly, survey finds

3. Four are attacked near a bar in possible hate crime

4. The 'Ultimate' method acting.

September 15, 2006

1. Even the moon smiled

2. Pride, next to the demolition derby

3. GOP leader says his anti-gay flyers actually help McGivern

4. ACLU challenges Ohio's anti-Phelps law as too broad

5. Urine luck

September 8, 2006

1. Cleveland Clinic to offer partner benefits

2. Photographer Tee Corinne passes away at age 62

3. Diversity and ARC Ohio groups denied entry to parade

4. Three new staffers join Taskforce development office

5. American Quiche


September 1, 2006

1. 'A really good time'

2. New party rule aims to increase LGBT delegates

3. Feds pony up $2.2 million for youth center, Mpowerment

4. Something fabulous this way comes

August 25, 2006

1. Rights foes may be in trouble

2. Trans woman is allowed into Michigan festival

3. New retirement plan rules help same-sex couples

4. Highway to hell

August 18, 2006

1. Equal rights law is off the ballot

2. Young man shot to death on Detroit Avenue

3. Teacher fired for Day of Silence lesson gets jury trial

4. HIV-prevention drugs, gels noted at world AIDS conference

5. Sweet Fifteen


August 11, 2006

1. SRO at Black, Gay and Proud events leaves folks smiling

2. Ohio Splash comes home from Outgames with dozens of medals

3. Priest resigns over church's 'pervasive homophobia'

4. Board could cancel rights referendum next week

5. Volunteers honored at AVOC annual meeting

6. Is this cry for help real?

August 4, 2006

1. Civil rights law doesn't include gays, court says

2. HRC causes a stir by endorsing both Kilroy and Pryce

3. First ban amendment case reaches Ohio's high court

4. Noah's Arc on DVD

July 28, 2006

1. No wedding bells in Washington state

2. Cincinnati rights foes may not have enough signatures

3. Gay Games

4. Never mind the gay guy

5. Blackwell says: Gays are sinful and can be cured

6. Life in balance

July 21, 2006

1. Bathhouses to join HIV prevention pact

2. Stonewall Columbus names Karla Rothan new interim director

3. Miami benefits suit has no basis, couples say no tax or tuition is spent on them

4. U.S. ban amendment fails for the fouth time in two years

5. Five straight couples sue to stop Arizona ban amendment

6. Dad to watch out for

July 14, 2006

1. New York top court uses accidental babies to justify denying vows to same-sex couples

2. Pentagon now says gay spying was a mistake

3. Georgia top court: Marriage and CUs are the same

4. Fusion struck by Lightning, 14-13

5. Psst, Superman is...

July 7, 2006

1. Equality Ohio begins its second year in new digs

2. A new home

3. Pinkleton leaves Stonewall for Brunner campaign

4. Ban amendment doesn't affect parents' pact, court rules

5. Fusion has their first playoff win; on to Oklahoma

6. Music under the stars


June 30, 2006

1. Hotter and hotter

2. Record-setting parades

3. World Cup can't beat the Bat 'n' Rouge drag game

4. Activist and author Eric Rofes dies at 51

5. Partner benefits become an issue in governor's race

6. Dann says Phillips can't sue him for kid-sex remark

7. Give the devil her due.


June 23, 2006

1. Pride comes of age

2. Dinner caps two weeks of Dayton Pride

3. Teachers 'Day of Silence' firing case clears a hurdle

4. Episcopal convention rejects ban on gay bishops

5. Court says 'he-she' is a slur, but dismisses case anyway

6. Victory on grass field puts Fusion into the playoffs

7. Singer, songwriter Ellis


June 16, 2006

1. No stopping Cincinnati Pride

2. Mayor kicks off Cleveland Pride

3. Picnics celebrate Pride in Sandusky and Erie

4. Former gay bar owner seeks Ohio House seat

5. Getting a bit Wilde


June 9, 2006

1. U.S. marriage ban falls short

2. Parade and festival mark 20 years of Dayton Pride

3. Toledo City Council gets its second gay member

4. Dean addresses Stonewall Democrats, but avoids marriage topic

5. Pierce pleads guilty to Berliner Park stabbing

6. New York top court hears four cases seeking marriage

7. Electroclash that's not pee-shy


Pride Guide, June 2, 2006

1. There is no stopping the fun at Cincinnati Pride Alive

2. Everyone is a superhero at Cleveland Pride

3. Pride Holiday celebrates its silver anniversary

4. Commemorate, educate and liberate with Dayton Pride

5. Pride in song

6. The year of athletics


May 26, 2006

1. It's all about relationships

2. Pride season opens with Dayton parade and festival

3. With absentees counted, Foley wins primary race

4. Sharp exchange marks Senate panel's approval of marriage ban

5. Georgia ban amendment is struck down-- as planned, some say

May 19, 2006

1. Ohio House passes anti-Phelps bill

2. Phillips is suing Marc Dann again, this time for slander

3. Dismissed 'dont ask' suit will be appealed, SLDN says

4. But, God did make Adam and Steve


May 12, 2006

1. Voters don't care about gay marriage

2. Death squad kills Iraqi boy for having sex with men

3. Leaving at the top of his game

4. Show brings Gallery Hop visitors into center

5. Return to slavery appears in Massachusetts marriage ban case

6. Move Decorate Raise the Kids

May 5, 2006

1. Clawing its way to the top

2. GOP's right wing flexes its muscles with primary wins

3. Anti-gay attack letter may have won Ritter the primary

4. Prison chaplain can't bar gay band leader, court says

5. Pentagon spied on gay groups

6. Does calling someone a 'he-she' signal job bias?


April 28, 2006

1. Effort to keep rights law begins on Election Day

2. Cozad to step down as BRAVO president

3. Ohio clergy join letter to Methodist high court

4. A conversation with the candidates

5. Hustlers, hookers and the apocalypse

6. Sinfully fun


April 21, 2006

1. Here we go again

2. Quietly, Canton passes an equal job measure

3. Jail for nonexistent crime is flash point in AG debate

4. Wearing rainbow leis, LGBT families join White House Easter egg roll

5. Bill would exempt religious schools from anti-bias laws

6. Yes, they're made for walking

April 14, 2006

1. Politics reign at HRC's Cleveland dinner

2. A second UCC ad is rejected, even by an LGBT network

3. Phillips says AG candidate Dann may still be in trouble

4. CBS newsmen gaybashed on Dutch Caribbean island

5. State 'abstinence' head suspended in ethics case

6. Jean Valjean

April 7, 2006

1. DeWine co-sponsors U.S. ban amendment

2. Equality Toledo honors UT, students, Owens Corning

3. Couples can't go to Massachusetts to marry

4. D.C. court expands 1964 rights law a little more

5. A bouquet of love songs

March 31, 2006

1. Jailed under a nonexistent gay sex law, man sues

2. Amnesty International report finds wide LGBT abuse in the U.S.

3. James Ford is elected new Stonewall president

4. Appeals court: Marriage ban trumps home violence law

5. Forget the Olympics: It didn't have big hair and sequins

6. Working Girl

March 24, 2006

1. Effort to repeal Cincinnati's new rights ordinance has begun

2. Records may be used against HIV work

3. Library revisits newspaper issue, but proposal is pulled

4. Sistani issues a fatwa to kill gays and lesbians

5. Cross-dressing man arrested for indecency in a library

6. �Crash� deserved to beat �Brokeback.� Get over it


March 17, 2006

1. Cincinnati passes LGBT human rights ordinance

2. Red Cross now seeks to allow gay blood donation

3. Police investigating young man's shooting death

4. Many at black HIV reception, but few came to workshops

5. Federal hate crime bill is dead again

6. S'up, dude?

March 10, 2006

1. Cincinnati ready to restore human rights ordinance

2. 'If you oppose gay marriage, press 1'

3. Commitment Fair has a country-western flair

4. Colleges must allow recruiters or lose money

5. BRAVO marks its tenth year with surprise dinners

6. Ten Percent Cinema


March 3, 2006

1. Adoption ban could move, although most oppose it

2. Gay activist and journalist John Zeh dies at age 59

3. Elections panel drops hidden-donor complaint

4. Lawmaker's bill would bar Republicans from adopting

5. Cleveland city council votes opposition to adoption ban

6. Film premiere, Tubbs Jones top Black History Month event

7. Ohio Democrats create a new LGBT caucus

8. Life in code


February 24, 2006

1. State panel looks at CCV money sources

2. Variety Show is applauded at its new location

3. New party structure draws barbs from LGBT Democrats

4. Marriage bans advance in two states; two others nix them

5. What's in a label?

February 17, 2006

1. The nation's most hostile adoption ban

2. Couples are turned away at courthouses

3. Big marriage rulings are coming in the next month

4. 'They have gone too far,' Schultz says of new ban bill

5. Love at First Sight

February 10, 2006

1. Bar rampage ends with three dead in Arkansas

2. Freedom to Marry Week includes Valentine's Day at courthouses

3. Running mates may show candidates' LGBT stances

4. Were gunshots and slashed tires motivated by hate?

5. Frank and 45 lawmakers ask Rice to explain U.N. denial

6. Nudity in Wartime

February 3, 2006

1. State 'abstinence' head faces an ethics probe

2. University of Toledo board approves partner benefits

3. Coretta Scott King was a vocal supporter of LGBT rights

4. Washington is 17th state to pass an equal rights law

5. Vote to stop Alito filibuster may not cost senators

6. Bush equates gay marriage, crooked pols in State of the Union speech

7. A Sunday drive with Dad


January 27, 2006

1. Go away Fred!

2. 'An inclusive gospel'

3. Ohio House passes anti-bully bill after weakening i

4. New Canadian government may leave marriage alone

5. Few churches have left the UCC over its marriage stand

6. Make some popcorn, stay in and snuggle by the TV's warm blue glow

January 20, 2006

1. Tax these churches

2. New University of Toledo labor offer includes partner benefits

3. Couple's housing bias suit could expand law to cover gays

4. Center will reach out to homeless youth this summer

5. Democratic leadership changes open opportunity for Ohio gays

6. Customers and competitors hold rent party to save bookstore

7. Hearings reveal only glimpses of Alitos views on gay issues

8. Naughty Bits


January 13, 2006

1. State HIV-care head quits over homophobia

2. Anti-bullying bill advances without naming victim classes

3. Hudson is sworn in to her first full term on council

4. Lacey becomes Ohio's first openly gay school board member

5. DOMA backer is set to be Ohio House Democratic leader

6. Wexner is screening producer Christine Vachons films this month, including a premiere.

January 6, 2006

1. Feds force HIV groups to ask prying questions

2. Joe Santiago takes the helm in Cleveland's Ward 14

3. Mark Tumeo is seated on Cleveland Heights council

4. New equality laws take effect in three states

5. 'Reparative therapy' advocate Charles Socarides dies

6. Newspaper names pope 'Anti-Gay Person of the Year'

7. The Dining Game



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